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And it begins with a chapbook…

In the Desert is now available for pre-order through Monkey Puzzle Press.

“Flecks of dust and wine and words.”

Lost in a landscape of numbers, businessmen, and the shadows of unrequited love, a young woman finds herself in the desert.



There is breakfast at the hotel and then coffee in the artificial light – impatient light – green at the edges – neon.

There are no numbers in the desert, only colors.

In frames and charts, life in numbers, men as numbers, counting –1 and 1, down to zero. They always add to zero numbers, like colors – a plurality bent into night.

He is filled in shadows, in slits, cracked windows, dust along the sill, the floor. Under his feet.

After he leaves, a man from dinner stops to say hello. He tells me there are numbers to be won – this is a game – gathering numbers, stuffing them in his pockets, under his shirt. He gets very excited. Numbers and skin, in his skin, stitched into place.

A little boy gathers paperclips from the hotel’s business center. He drops them on purpose. We pick them up together from the floor. One at a time.

Because they are shiny, the boy says.

In the desert, red folds into browns. The light breaks through and hovers.

I tell him – I am beautiful in the desert.

My hair is pulled back from my shoulders, cut and framed in dust.

He agrees that I am – but only when I smile.