About the Author

A starving artist, avid writer, and consulting guru by night, I spend my days exploring the vast skies and deep valleys of Colorado. A native Ohio-ian, Colorado took my world, filled it with aspen groves and elegant cliff bands, and then buried it under 12 inches of snow. Mama mountain (Mount Crested Butte) took me in, granted me fat skis, fatter tires, a pen, and bigger dreams. The rest is a blur of dirt, snow, sky, and ink.

Here’s who I am

and this is what I do:

  • Associate Professor of Writing and Literature
  • Writer and Subject Matter Expert for K12.com, Aventa, and NextGen
  • Work tirelessly as an advocate for higher education reform
  • Freelance writer, editor,and copywriter
  • Tutor and mentor students and professionals in effective communication strategies, writing skills, and manuscript development.
  • Explore the remaining natural spaces of our world on two wheels, two skis, and two feet
  • Celebrate life in language

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Agnosia (a novel)- Agnosia (a-gnosis, or loss of knowledge) is a loss of ability to recognize objects, persons, sounds, shapes, or smells while the specific sense is not defective nor is there any significant memory loss. Tracing the fractured memories and fictions of her own past, a young woman, locked in her grandfather’s cabin on a island off the shores of Lake Erie, explores the art of her own desperate forgetting as she unwillingly uncovers a small town’s buried past.
  • Maybe I had to Forget How: The Art of Our Poetics (a narrative essay)
  • Write Better: A Fiction Series (a narrative essay that explores the art of education and the political and economic myths that are threatening to corrupt the joy and promise of our natural creativity and curiosity. Included within this series will be lessons in grammar, storytelling, essay composition, and revision, providing a valuable resource for students in need of an alternative)

Here’s what students, clients, and faculty have to say about me:

– I have to be honest here and just say that I was scared of this class. I have bad memories from a mean teacher in high school and I remember feeling like I just couldn’t do anything right. So, I was dreading this class, but it turns out that it was for nothing. I really, really enjoyed this class. Ms. Kristi is so nice and her enthusiasm in the classes really keeps you encouraged throughout the class.

– I would agree that Prof. Yorks has done above and beyond, with not only exposing as to the new world of literary, but to craft our papers through insight and wellness as we are the author in our stories taking the reader on a fantastic journey.

– Without question, I felt Professor Yorks, with her passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter, provided a fantastic learning experience throughout the class.

– While some of these things were refreshers of my earlier school days, Professor Yorks did a phenomenal job making them relevant to literature that we as adults would and will read now. I applaud her and wantto take the time to thank her for taking the fear out of literature that most of us felt entering the class. 

– I too had lost my love or passion of literature, and this class has helped me rediscover it; and much credit has to go to Professor Yorks for helping me find my way in this regard.

– Kristin Yorks is a very excellent teacher. She is very into what she teaches and is very willing to answer any questions that you may have. She is by far the best teacher that I have had sense starting here at CTU! I really hope to have her as a teacher in some of my up coming classes!

– I *heart* this class and this teacher!

– It’s only a few instructors that have impressed me with the way they have presented and instructed a class and from all the discussions I read Professor Yorks really out did herself and God bless her for it. Most of the students in class went from a stage of fear and anxiety to craving more knowledge and instruction from her and from all ofmy experiences in life that does not happen often. For her teachings to have touched the entire class in this manner we have definitely  been apart of something and someone special. 

– Professor Yorks … this professor is what higher education is all about … Her knowledge is second to none.  I would recommend this class to all that has an interest in learning the ins and out of fine literature. I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful professor!!!

– Ms. Kristi brought much energy to each and every class. [she] really engaged the students. She’s a firecracker!

– A phenomenal writer and visionary…

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  1. Pleasant blog! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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