Kristin Kelley Yorks

 Writer, Educator, Reformer

Innovative  ~  Efficient  ~  Effective

“She rocks!” – Student survey, 2013

I am a leader and visionary, a “firecracker,” with the proven ability to encourage creativity and individual growth amongst diverse student bodies. My expertise lies in curriculum design, English composition, modern poetry, experimental fiction and post-modern literary theory. I also have extensive experience in the development of English composition curriculum, specifically in Remedial English composition, creative writing, freshman composition, and independent research. I have worked in diverse and hybrid classrooms, pioneering new strategies, techniques, and mediums in the pursuit of a more meaningful and effective education for myself and my students. As a writer and as a professor, I am inspired by my belief in the power and potential of a liberal arts education to transform and inspire not only the lives of individual students, but the very institution of higher education.


MFA, Writing and Poetics, Naropa University, 2009. G.P.A 3.9

Dissertation: “Maybe I Had to Forget How, Trauma, Memory, and the Fractured Narrative – Illuminating the Dark Spaces of Our Poetics

Advisor: Bhanu Kapil

BA, English Literature and Cultural Area Studies, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH. 2007. G.P.A. 3.8

Dissertation(s): “Red Wine Dreams: A Note on Methods” or “Re-Memory: Conversations between Zen Buddhist Thought and the Post-Modern Narrative”

Advisor[s]: Dr. Nancy Grace and Dr. Ishwar Harris



COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Denver, CO and Remote        April 2010 –Present

Associate Professor of English Composition and Literature

Courses Taught:

ENG080 English Preparation – Remedial

ENG101 English Composition and Critical Thinking – Remedial

ENG103 English Composition and Research

ENG105 Professional Written Communications

ENG111Composition I

ENG112 Composition II

LITR 220 Contemporary Literature: Fiction, Poetry and Drama

LITR 240 World Literature

ENG205 Technical Writing and Speaking


Instructed traditional and nontraditional students in English composition, contemporary literature, and creative writing. Delivered in-class lectures and discussions in conjunction with online discussion boards, writing exercises, and independent research projects; taught primarily in online and hybrid learning classrooms, working primarily with military students and adult learners across the world; revised the General Education curriculum including outcomes, objectives, and hiring qualifications; revised the English 103 and 101 courses to better meet student needs; piloted the Adaptive Learning program at CTU; tutored and mentored students within the program. Promoted and advocated for reforms to achieve greater student engagement and learning practices through various online learning tools and mediums; explored the benefits, flaws, and potential of an online learning platform.


2016, Practice & Performance Facilitation Model, Faculty Mentorsthip and Excellence Committee

2014, 2015, Insight and Inspiration Creative Writing Committee Moderator

2013, Colorado Technical University, Literature Committee

2013, Colorado Technical University, English 101 and 103 Revision Committee

2013, Colorado Technical University, English Education Committee

2013, Colorado Technical University, General Education Committee

2012, Colorado Technical University, Student Achievement Recognition Committee


2016, Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

2014, Nominated: Colorado Technical University, Teacher of the Year

2014, Presenter, Colorado Technical University, Faculty Summit

2014, Editor, Colorado Technical University Academic Journal

2013, Presenter, Colorado Technical University, Faculty Summit


Web Content Developer, Social Media Consultant, & Board Member | 2015 – Present
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Founding member and proud volunteer for local nonprofit organization whose mission is: To protect winter access and promote the shared interests of all user groups within the public lands of Gunnison County. Developed social media campaign, composed and edited copy, and promoted organization’s mission by building connections and relationships within and beyond the community. Website:


2012/2013: “In the Desert.” Poetry Chapbook. Boulder, CO: Monkey Puzzle Press: Denver, CO.

2008: “Break Aside.” The Battered Suitcase v. 1 issue 6, ed. Fawn Nuen. Vagabondage Press; Apollo Beach, FL

2008: I loved a Woman. Apothocary, Snake Oil, Jen Davis. Fact-Simile Press. Denver, CO.

2008: “In the Sky: Selections from The Fall.” Monkey Puzzle, Fall Issue, ed. 1 Nate Jordon. Monkey Puzzle Press. Boulder, CO.

2007: “Journal Selections” performed in collaboration with “Disembodied Poetics,” Naropa University’s Graduate Performing Arts Spring Program


My Mother’s Island/Agnosia– Novel

How much hold does the past have on the present? The strings of memory ripple through time, dragging a young woman back to relive the legends of her grandfather, a fisherman, steel worker, born again Catholic, and perverted alcoholic on his deathbed. A young writer finds herself lost in his fractured memories of an island, of quarry workers and ice boats, of steel barges that sink, of a grandmother who ran, a son who stayed, and a mother who escaped. As she documents his narratives and fits of sanity between shots of cheap tequila, the voices of her past – a lost mother, a forgotten grandmother and all the women who they left behind – emerge to share one last regret and one more memory lost to time. The Spider House narrates the secrets and struggles of a forgotten community of good men, hard women, of a lake that caught on fire, and of fleeting hope, always the hope, drifting just beyond the mills of Cleveland in the shallow, black waters of Lake Erie.

Notes towards a Silueta – Chapbook

A collection of short stories and poems inspired and informed by the creative works of Ana Mendieta and Bhanu Kapil and by the critical work of Helene Cixous.

A Silueta – Collection of Poetry

The Silueta traces questions of desire, loss and discovery set within the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. The narrative follows a young woman into open landscapes. As she climbs higher into the sky, her narrative collapses into the space of her wandering, the science of her ascent and the landscape of her memories. The Silueta is an act of re-memory that celebrates the beauty, the danger and the power of the landscapes both within and without us. It celebrates the possibility of the human spirit and evokes the quiet strength of the hills that challenge us to realize our own infinite possibilities.

Architecture of the Lived Space: The Evolution of Space and Structure within Contemporary Literature

A collection of writings, interviews, and musings exploring the evolution of presence and self within the shifting structures of the contemporary novel and nonfiction.

Let Me Wander, Stephen. Let All the Warriors Come Out to Play: The Crisis of Masculinity in Contemporary Literature

The dominant narrative has shaped our reality. It has created a definition of normal, a constant, and the “other,” the measure of difference. In a society shaped by scales of difference, by one and the other, what is depends upon what it is not. This dichotomy creates a dynamic reality in which the dominant narrative is constantly being challenged and then re-written. Words act as windows, creating presence, redefining the norm and shifting the distinction between one and the other. Much of contemporary research has centered on this transformation and on the “other” that had been oppressed by the larger cultural narrative. This work, however, explores the consequences of clinging to a dominant narrative as it is being dismantled. What are the consequences of patriarchy upon those who persist by it? What happens when that narrative no longer holds true?

Re-Memory: Writing Against Forgetting

An exploration of “poetry therapy” and its use in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder in Veterans and survivors of Sexual Abuse.


It’s Epic: Exploring Possibility and Creativity                                                  Faculty Summit, 2014

in Education’s “Death Valley”

In a world where technology has made the pursuit of higher education open to any willing to explore the depths of Google, where knowledge is no longer static or necessarily known, where an ivy league education is available to anyone access to a computer and to the internet, traditional methods and philosophies regarding education are no longer relevant and cannot survive. To retain students, we must engage them. And to engage them, we need to reconsider the basic philosophies and misconceptions that we bring to the modern classroom. We have an incredible opportunity to redefine these philosophies and transform the classroom – to nurture creativity, curiosity, and diversity within our students and our communities. Our students and our future demand it. In this discussion, we’ll examine how traditional models of education and the idealization of the expert no longer serve the expectations and demands of our students or of the world they are a part of.  After analyzing education’s “death valley,” we will then discuss what this new, reimagined classroom might look like and how it will benefit our students – past, present, and future.

Reimagining Remedial Education                                        Faculty Summit, 2013

Despite the growing need for quality remedial programs, these programs are ineffective with success rates as low as 16%. What are remedial programs? Why are they failing? And what can we, as educators, do to help our students “write better?” This presentation explores the current structure of remedial education and examines why it is ineffective at reaching the students who need it most. It also addresses short and long term solutions while discussing ideas and questions that could redefine the very landscape of higher education

Structures of Repetition: Lectures in the Poetics of Space                           Naropa University, 2009

Space is a dominant unavoidable presence – a presence of absence. As poets, we constructed our lines and reveal a choice – what to hide and what to reveal. In contemporary poetry and fiction, words become windows, wounds, carving the space below them. Our words become a distant whisper, an expression of the space below them. Within this presentation, I argue that contemporary poetry and fiction is not an expression of language as much as it is an experiment in space, or the movement through space.


AVENTA, K12.COM                                                                                                  2012-Present

English Curriculum Developer and Copy Editor                             

  • Created English composition and literature curriculum for K-12, Advanced placement, and Remedial English programs.
  • Planned and composed narrative lessons and activities for 6th, 9th, 10th, and 12th grade English programs for and Aventa.
  • Developed curriculum for K-12 English courses in alignment with state standards and college expectations


CELLA MAGAZINE                                                                                    2013-2015

Managing Editor

  • Found leads and conducted interviews for cover stories with key figures in education, the arts, business, education, and philanthropy
  • Composed and edited articles for Cella Magazine, a print and online publication distributed in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Writer’s Profile:

WESTERN STATE COLLEGE OF COLORADO, Gunnison, CO                           2011-2012

Assistant Director of Extended Studies

  • Created, managed, and marketed undergraduate, graduate, and community events, programs, and classes including the 2012 Rocky Mountain Nonprofit Institute, the 2012 Graduate Summer Teacher Programs, the Winter Wednesdays programs and the 2011/2012 Fall and Spring noncredit course offerings.
  • Managed daily office operations and all office staff.
  • Coordinated and recruited faculty for upcoming classes and programs.
  • Worked exclusively with outside agencies and programs including Outward Bound and various local nonprofit organizations to build and establish opportunities for faculty, students and staff.
  • Composed copy and copy edited educational materials


  • Responsible for the preservation and archival of special collections materials including: literary texts, correspondence, maps, journals, magazines, and selections of interest.
  • Maintained active database of archival materials; assisted students, historians, and faculty pursuing research





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