Writing Services

 Language is Powerful

Words matter. They are the means by which we create, share, and question. Without language, there is silence – with the right word, in the right sentence, in the right paragraph, however, there is possibility. 
With over five years experience as a professor, editor, writer, and copywriter, I possess the skills and vision to help you realize the possibilities within your project and your voice.
Editing Services

Fiction/nonfiction Manuscript Edit: Overview of your work focusing on plot progression, character development, writing style, and tone. Cost: $2 a page

Academic/Professional Manuscript Edit: Overview of your work focusing on structure, clarity and effectiveness of message, and writing style.   Cost: $2 a page

Manuscript Copy Editing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry and professional): Spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, references, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, structure, etc. Cost: $3 a page

Creative Writing and Technical Writing Classes: Coming Soon!

Tutoring and Mentoring Services:

You are a seasoned writer, a corporate CEO, a high school senior, or a grade school-er, or anyone any between. Together we will work one on one to realize your voice and your potential.

Whether you need assistance writing a scholarship essay, help passing the SAT, long term assistance improving reading comprehension and basic writing skills, advice on building a marketing plan and communicating that plan effectively, or guidance on the development of your first (or next) writing project, I am here to ensure that you excel.

Together, let’s:

1. Develop your idea, create an outline, and build a solid manuscript (fiction,nonfiction, poetry, academic, professional)

2. Learn invaluable communication skills

3. Explore the art of good writing

4. Inspire your writing process

We’ll meet on a regular schedule that works for you and meets your needs. Teleconference, face to face, skype, or phone – I am here for you and your project.

Cost: $20 per hour

Professional Writing Services

Specializing in: Blog writing, Article writing, Resume, Web content, Grant writing, Press releases, and Technical writing.

Contact me directly for rates specific to your project timeline. 

Ask about rate discounts for students and our upcoming English Language Resources!

Reach me at kristi.yorks@gmail.com


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  1. Brendan Moloney said:

    Awesome post i think you are great experience in providing editing services for students.

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